Zebepra-L Capsules

Rabeprazole 20 mg enteric coated pellets

Levosulpiride 75 mg as Sustained Release

The Combined Synergy of Potent PPI & Approved GI Regulator
Levosulpiride: Superior to domperidone $ other prokinetics
  • Exerts prokinetics action through dual mechanism as d2 dopamine
  • At a dosage of 75mg SR daily levosulpride accrlerates
  • More effective in reducing symptopms of dyspensia as compared to other dopamine antagonists
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Potency of Raboprazole

Raboprazole 20 mg is sufficient to block the maximum amount of proton pump

PROLONGED SAFETY:Effective as a long tats Maintenance Therapy

Sate and effective for long term maintonanct therophy of reflux eshopagists

Controls GI Discomforts & Ensures Effective Relief
For G.I Problems Like

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