RoseZe HD

Rosehip. extract 50% 275 mg + Circuma Longa Extract NLT 10% 200 mg + Boswellia Sorrat Extract 65% + Piper Nigurm, I Extract 95% (piperine)

The PLUS Power For Joints Mobility
Rosehip Extract and Curcuma
  • Relieves arthnfic Pon of Osteoarthntis
  • improves hip flexion. reduces morning stiffness
  • Reduces progression of disease
  • Minimal gastrointestinal side
  • Curcuma has a potent antioxidant powers repair the oxidative
  • damage caused by Inflamation
  • Offers fundable antuinfiammatoty powers inhibits the inflammation
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Boswellia Serrat

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