Ferrous Bis- Glycinate (60mg Elemental Iron), Zinc Bisglycinate 15 nig • Folic And 1 mg • Methylcoblamin 500 mcg Tablets

The Better Assimilated Iron... for HER

Organic HIGH POTENCY Iron Form

Better than Inorganic Iron Preparations

Oral ferrous bisqlycinate in a low dose • suaale 50 nig iron day, adequate,/ prevents IDA m more than ran, and postpartum

Better Absorption with LESS RESTRICTIVE Action front Dietary Inhibitors

(phytates ,oxalates . tannins present in cereal based diets)

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Exerts Larger Effect on Body Iron Status Compared to Ferrous Sulfate in Equal Doses
With ASSURED SAFETY Certification by FDA

Ferrous Brsglyanate Generally Recognaed As Sate (GRASI by US FDA_)

Zinc Bisglycinate — SAFE

Causes Less Collateral Effects with Hugh Doses (60 mg/d or more of elementary inon,)

With IMPORTANT Hematopoietic Factors- Zinc, Folic Acid, Methylcobalamin

Haemoglobin Levels are , are significantly positively correlated with zinc, Folic acid and Methylcobalamin levels Thus, interventions are requited to porvent and control anaemia

The Fastest RISE Above Iron Deficiency induced Present and Future Complications
A RISE Above HER Iron Deficiency induced

Fatigue Bodyache. Frequent Headaches. Lack of Concentration Anaemia, Menstrual Complications, Foetal Complications Neonatal Anaemia


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